Since 2002 “Geschichten in Jurten” (Readings in Yurts) has become a fixed event in the cultural life of Berlin. Every year in January the Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz is transformed into an unusual stage for readings. In the middle of the freezing Berlin winter, visitors are invited to listen to 100 different readings in two cozy and warm original Mongolian yurts. The topics of the readings are always different every year. Books by a total of up to 35 different authors ranging from non-fiction, novels, narratives, poetry, children’s books and books for young people are included in the program.

Due to the limited number of seats (approx. 50) a unique atmosphere is created in the yurt that enthuses visitors and authors alike. The audience sits in a circle on felt blocks and large cushions as the lights are dimmed.

Every reading lasts approx. 30 minutes, begins punctually on the hour and is accompanied by a moderator. After the reading, the audience can chat with the authors and have their books signed.

In a third yurt visitors can obtain information about the authors and the readings and can also book tickets for the different events. And the books can be bought directly in the small yurt bookstore too.

Admission is free.

Britta Gansebohm

Since 2002 Britta Gansebohm has been responsible for the content conception, coordination, moderation, support of the authors taking part and management of the program of the “Geschichten in Jurten” (stories in yurts) event at the Sony Center.

This culture manager and moderator founded the first public literary salon in May 1995 as a showcase for young authors. Since then she has been a firm fixture in Berlin’s literary scene. “The Literary Salon” provides a stage for nationally and internationally established authors as well as for newcomers on the scene who are eager to present and discuss their work to a culturally aware audience. Prize-winning and renowned authors such as Kathrin Röggla, Richard David Precht, Felicitas Hoppe, Ulrich Peltzer, Ulrike Draesner, Katharina Hacker and Alexa Hennig von Lange enjoyed their first major appearances at readings here.

Britta Gansebohm has designed the concepts and organized numerous literary, musical and intercultural events. From 2001 until 2004, she spearheaded the “Autorenpatenschafts-Programm” (author mentoring program) at the “International Literature Festival Berlin”.

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