Martina Wildner


Martina Wildner was born in the Allgäu on September 11, 1968. She began studying Islamic Sciences, but the Gulf War put paid to her plans to be an Oriental scholar. Seeking to make a living as an illustrator, she met Hans-Joachim Gelberg, who was more interested in her texts than her pictures. That led to “Liebe Isolde!”, a novel conceived as a sequel to the children’s magazine “Der bunte Hund”, published in book form by Beltz & Gelberg in spring 2003. It was followed by “Jede Menge Sternschnuppen”, which won her the Peter Härtling Prize awarded by the town of Weinheim in 2002. Her latest novels are “Six”, “Das schaurige Haus”, and “Die Königin des Sprungturms”, which won the German Award for Young Fiction.