Jan Wagner

Claudia Grundke

Jan Wagner, born 1971 in Hamburg, has lived in Berlin since 1995 as a poet, translator and critic. His first volume of poetry, “Test Drilling in the Sky”, was published in 2001. This was followed by “Guericke’s Sperling” (2004), “Eighteen Pastries” (2007), “Australia” (2010) and “The Owl-Haters in the Hall Houses” (2012). He has won multiple awards for his poetry. Among others, he has received the Anna Seghers Award (2004), the Villa Massimo Grant in Rome (2010), the Friedrich Hölderlin Award from the city of Tübingen (2011) and the Kranichsteiner Literature Award (2011). Since 2010, Jan Wagner has been a member of the Academy of Language and Literature in Darmstadt. His latest poetry volume “Rain Barrel Variations” won the 2015 award at the Leipzig Book Fair.