Helmut Kuhn

Claudia Grundke

Helmut Kuhn was born in Munich in 1962. After studying in Berlin and the Sorbonne in Paris, he worked for the German Jewish magazine Aufbau in New York, and has been a reporter for Die Zeit, Stern, Focus and mare. Now he is an author and lecturer in journalism and creative writing based in Berlin. His debut novel “North Star” was published in 2002, followed in 2006 by a short story collection , “Raining in 5/4 Time”. As co-author, he collaborated with Murat Kurnaz on “Five Years of My Life”, a report from Guantanamo (2007), and with Cem Gülay on “Türkensam”. “The Career of a German Gangster” (2009). His critically acclaimed Berlin novel “Sidewalk Damage” was published by FVA in 2012, while his novel “Grandma” was released in August 2016. Helmut Kuhn lives in Berlin.